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Best 35 Truth OR Dare Questions List

   Do you and your friends need to do something on a Saturday night? A classic game of Truth or Dare could be just what you need! With hundreds of the best "truths or Dare" chosen manually - ranging from clean to dirty and supersucce -, you can play for hours and hours with your friends or partner and never boring! The perfect application of Truth or Dare friends, parties, couples and families!


Choose between 4 different categories to make sure your night is perfect!


   Why not have fun with a traditional game on the beach? We simply have to adapt the questions to the children. Some examples: What is the most shameful thing that has happened to you in school? Who is your favorite person? Have you ever lied in class? For the Dare, the beach also gives us many options: do the pine, bathe, give several consecutive flips. The ideal is to put a difficult dare so that you think twice about doing it or answering.

   Playing truth or dare is a tradition; Maybe in elementary school any truth or dare questions was the most exciting thing in the world, but with the passing of the years you can get a little obsolete chatting.

   Welcome to this new article where you will find chains of dares for WhatsApp of all kinds, from games to love dares to share with your contacts or with those groups of friends that brighten the day to day. dares any person to perform the steps you have previously chosen and have a fun time watching the reaction of each of them.

   On our main page you can find two dares for Wasap , but if you want to see many more chains of this type and some punishments for more elaborate dares , I recommend that you continue reading this article and you will be able to find the best WhatsApp Dares for your friends or for your loved ones. Under each chain you can use the "Send by WhatsApp" button to send the chain directly to any WhatsApp group or contact without the need to be copying and pasting.

[ Presenting you Long List of Truth or dare Questions (Truth OR Dare Question's) best collection for Teens]

 Latest List of Truth or dare collection

   Whether they are lifelong friends or new acquaintances, there are a series of questions that will make the game fun, and here we are going to tell you:

- How would you feel if you caught your partner self-pleasing sexually?
- If you were the opposite sex Who would you have sex with?
- Of those present. Choose: Co @ #, kill or marry?
- What is the weirdest thing you have done alone?
- What is the most childish thing you still do?
- How much money would you let your partner be with someone else?
- If you got lost on a desert island, would you take your partner or a friend?
- If you could change your body with someone here, who would it be? Why?
- What do you like the most about me?
- What would you do if you were the opposite sex for a month?
- If you accidentally see the person you like naked and do not know, would you still watch? 

   The classic ones:

- What is your greatest regret caused by alcohol?
- What is the most shameful thing that you have been caught doing?
- What has been your biggest sexual fail?
- Your most shameful sexual fantasy?
- What is your biggest secret?



   If you are already bored with the truth or dare game, use this question. If you choose the right person, there will be a long story that will become a topic of conversation, because everyone will want to tell their story, and that's it, end of the game without forcing it or being the bad guy in the story.


   Challenges to make with friends and have fun to the fullest
Did you ever think it's possible to play WhatsApp games? Well, some clever minds have devoted a bit of their time to creating fun games and challenges to hang out and enjoy this application even more.

   Although instant messaging applications such as Telegram, WeChat, Line, Messenger and WhatsApp are very popular nowadays and connect us with the whole world, you still do not get the most out of it. Have fun with your friends asking truth or dare in those moments of leisure with the best games to play on WhatsApp. It is a different way to use this application and at the same time have a good time with the ones you love most, from a distance.